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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system comprises a wide variety of tools and applications. The tools facilitate business communication more effectively. Within an ERP system, the information is usually available in real-time that enables the workforce to make faster and better business decisions.

What is an ERP System?

In general, an ERP software integrates multifarious traditional management operations into a logically integrated system so that the flow of information across these functions is smooth. The ERP system is designed to feature and automate the basic processes across an enterprise over a centralized database and concurrently eliminates the requirement of different systems upheld by various departments in the enterprise. An ERP software is always an added advantage since it offers numerous solutions suiting your business requirement, hence is more time efficient as well. Whether you are a tech giant or an electro-mechanical parts supplier or a hotelier, an ERP software helps you stand as a frontrunner in the business arena.

What is Hotel ERP and Why is it Significant in Dubai?

Hotel Industry is a booming sector in today’s fast paced business world, especially in a country like UAE. An ERP is essential for the hotel industry since it allows the businesses to thrive in the market by offering certain technological benefits. Moreover, the ERP software ensures that your hotel operates smoothly and efficiently.

Now, ERP software solutions are widely being implemented in a lot of hotels. In fact, it is increasingly replacing its older counterpart, which is the property management system (PMS). This software generally collects data pertaining to the activities procured solely at the front office. It comprises account receivables, telephone management, sales and so on. On the other hand, an ERP software addresses all the aspects of a hotel business, i.e. from front desk to the backend. The ERP system offered by Lagoon Technologies is named Atoll ERP. You can find your customized ERP system in Dubai at Lagoon Technologies.

Features of Atoll ERP system for the Hotel Industry

Guest Management with Atoll ERP

Customer satisfaction is considered as the primary success factor in the hotel industry, as well as in any industry. With the implementation of the right ERP software, hotel personnel can keep track of the guest rooms and diet preferences. Such details keep the businesses in the forefront of their game as they would be able to offer their guests better customized services. In addition to it, this software helps in establishing a familiarity among the staff and guests, thereby increasing the customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Room Booking with Atoll ERP

With Atoll ERP software, the traditional method of booking hotel rooms can be well modernized. We all know that in earlier days, the bookings were done through a guestbook or a phone call. Whereas, now the online booking system through the ERP software enables hotels to track the current bookings and make use of various metrics to understand the occupancy trends in their hotels. Once a booking is done through the ERP system, it automatically sends a confirmation to the guest. Atoll ERP system solely handles the tasks and streamlines the room booking process.

Front Desk Efficiency with Atoll ERP

Through Atoll ERP, the hotel staff can view and manage different tasks from a single screen. This ERP software improves the efficiency of the front desk especially and calls for a higher customer satisfaction rate. Atoll ERP not only helps in reducing the amount of time needed for check-in and check-out but also in dealing with the discounts, group charges, room changes, bill forwards, etc. Furthermore, the typical front-desk services offered by hotels such as the wake-up calls, special requests, maintenance needs and housekeeping are more efficient.

Inventory Management with Atoll ERP

The older inventory management systems were designed in such a way to facilitate the basic stored item and storage location functionality. But Atoll ERP system allows companies to continuously enhance their operational efficiency significantly. Hotel industry benefits from this software by creating a central database that displays buying, selling and consumption trends. Subsequently, this data can be used to analyze the unusual market patterns and thereby identify the trends. Moreover, the hotel staff can use Atoll ERP system to track both the internal and third-party users, suppliers, vendors, complete audit reports and order management.

Housekeeping, Laundry and Maintenance with Atoll ERP

The application of Atoll ERP software allows hotels to rationalize the management of the services such as housekeeping, laundry and maintenance tasks. Creating a customized calendar and schedule helps the management to track the rooms available for guests to check-in and also the rooms which need housekeeping service. In addition, the managers can easily generate maintenance schedules including routine tasks. With Atoll ERP, staff can also customize laundry schedules for internal and third-party services along with linking guest laundry services to their room invoices.

Restaurant Management with Atoll ERP

Hotels usually have their own restaurants as well. They need the specific details of the restaurant. This includes the invoices, bills and inventory listing. Implementing Atoll ERP software helps in separating the services availed by guests in the hotel itself and food eaten at the restaurant for easier billing.

The hotel industry in UAE is extremely competitive and has undergone several changes over the past few years. In a nutshell, Atoll ERP streamlines a hotel’s operations, ensuring high efficiency rate, better hospitality and superior customer satisfaction. Atoll ERP from Lagoon Technologies can be customized for your hotel according to the industry standards with most advanced technology features. Contact us today on (04)2413434 for more information and demo.

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