Digital Marketing8 Ways to Increase Traffic from Organic searches to Your Website

April 22, 2021by lagoon0

Increasing traffic from organic searches is nearly the dream of everyone who is on the platform web.

Getting traffic from organic searches is not an easy task. But following some of the best practices are almost used by everyone who wants to increase traffic can help to do it.

First of all, to gain knowledge about the SEO techniques for increasing traffic from organic search. There are two terms commonly known in the field of SEO.

  1. ON page SEO
  2. OFF page SEO

On-page SEO is the technique of doing optimization in your website that allows improving visibility on search engines.

There are many concepts about the On-page SEO are there which are advantageous for everyone. Some of them are:

1. Keywords Checking :

Keywords are the words used by users by entering in a search engine to search the related topic. So, it is the first and most important thing to do keyword research.

Keywords should be related to your website niche. Long-tail keywords must be used to more related and have fewer competitions. It should be kept in mind that how it will utilize your keywords in your content. Choose keywords while keeping your targeted audience in your mind.

We should also keep in mind while using keywords in our website, keyword density to be maintained throughout the website, should not be used very few times, and also keyword stuffing should not take place on our website.

2. URL :

URL is the address that google crawls in. So it is beneficial to keep the URL simple so that it is easier for Google to find your URL and crawl upon it.

We should be kept in mind that URLs should contain keywords and reflect the pages.

3. Internal linking:

It is the term that indicates linking two pages that reside in the same domain.

Internal linking is used for different websites to increase traffic, and makes it easier for search engines to crawl your pages, and ensures user engagement to your website.

4. Page Structure:

Page structure is the view that the user sees in its viewport. It also affects the organic result for your pages.

The things that should be kept in mind while designing the structure of your page is

Alt Tag: Giving an alternative text to your image will be easily understandable by users and search engines what images are about to.

Heading tags: Summarising your content as headings and their subheadings.

Title and Meta tag: It very important for your website as they reflect what pages about to.

Keep heading in <h1> and including your main keywords in the title and meta tags like meta descriptions, meta title, alt tags, and og tags will increase the organic result for your pages.

increase organic traffic

Now, if we came to another aspect of SEO,

Off-page SEO takes place outside the website to affect its ranking and increase traffic.

There are many practices in Off-page SEO that will increase the traffic. Some of them are:

5. Click to Social Media Links:

Use click to Insta or click to Facebook links on your blog posts as they help visitors redirect to your social media page easier and faster. Make sure to add them to your website and blogs in a visible or convenient area for better usability.

Since more active on social media, they might find it easier to follow your work on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

6. Article Submissions :

You can use Article submission sites and submit articles and submit links, and then you can earn backlinks from there.

7. Answering on Quora and other forums:

By writing answers on forums such as Quora or Reddit can get shot way to gain traffic. You can choose relevant questions on the website, answer them. Be sure to add a link back to your website.

8. Social bookmarking:

Using social bookmarking websites like sharing blogs, web pages, articles, images, and videos will help you to create backlinks and increase organic traffic.

By using these techniques, you can surely earn a generous amount of organic traffic.

If you are finding it difficult to use these strategies effectively, do not worry, Lagoon Technologies is here to help you up with the SEO, SEM, PPC, content, and web design. We will help you get traffic to your website with our creative technologies.

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