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What is Time Tick E-attendance System?

Time Tick e attendance system is to track and monitor the employee’s clock in and out of work. It helps your business organization and workforce to work efficiently and improve profitability.

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Why is Time attendance management system important for your business?

Our Time attendance management systems are crucial for any organization.

Time tick E-Attendance Management System is created to help your company by giving you the ability to collect data from multiple sources and track your employee time and attendance automatically.

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Benefits of implementing Time Tick E-attendance System in your organization:

Checking Body Temperature and Face Mask Detection

Our electronic time attendance system will detect the face and check for the mask and record entry and exit time temperature. It allows scanning of body temperature and sensing face mask availability to help enter the workplace with safety.

In this case, high body temperature employees and without the mask will have no entry into the Organization

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Touchless Face Recognition System

A time attendance management system with Facial recognition is a comfortable and secure way of taking down employee attendance. It is a biometric identification system using a face-scanning mechanism. Our device captures the facial impression of employees and processes the information into a secure database.

Marking Touchless automatic attendance with face mask detection and temperature detection is an added advantage by reducing the chances of spreading germs in the workplace and public areas.

Mobile attendance app with face recognition

A time attendance mobile app can match the employee’s face with accurate records. It allows marking attendance on both iOS & Android App. A mobile attendance app with face recognition can help to detect the body temperature in the COVID19 scenario.

Fingerprint time attendance

A Fingerprint Attendance System uses an enrolled finger or thumbprint for employee time and attendance tracking. We know that every human being’s fingerprints are different and unique from each other. Thus such a procedure can be used for biometric attendance works.

It prevents fraud recording of operational hours and the common drawback of worker time theft.

Increase Efficiency

With an electronic time attendance system, you can enter employee information and get each stage of the employee lifecycle on hiring, onboarding, time and attendance, payroll information.

Employees can also look at the data and determine how they have utilized their time at work.
It reduces the chances of errors and inefficiencies in the workplace. Which leads to increased productivity, improves profits.

Prevent human error

Tracking employee time and attendance manually consumes a large amount of time. Additionally, it is responsive to human error even after using a computing device.

The time attendance terminal eliminates payroll errors and mistakes in data by correctly tracking and recording employee time and attendance.

Save your time

More time is spent on tracking, recording, and processing their time at work each day by employees and HR. The essential benefit is less time spent on your business. For that, the Time and attendance system is the most important for your organization to save your time.

It is easy to create payroll for the employees and can import all the data into the system. The administration can focus on their respective jobs rather than the additional task of accounting for themselves.

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Employee satisfaction

Employees can easily use fingerprint time attendance. Allowing employees to access information on their own at any time to see their time records on demand will help them see how well they’re utilizing their time at work.

With the electronic time attendance system, They’ll like the access and can get to review up-to-date information on how much leave or time they’ve used and how much they still have left to use.

Live Tracking

A time and attendance tracking system enables real-time tracking and provides automated data for payroll processing. It helps in managing payment schedules and makes all information available in real-time.

They can engage the employee and discover if they need additional training to make the project smoother. And Identify issues at the initial stages of the project to attain the business goals.

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Our designed time attendance system will help to track employee working hours and offers many significant benefits of a perfect solution for your organization with more effectiveness.

Discover more about Lagoon Technologie’s time attendance system that eases your business requirements.

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