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November 24, 2021by lagoon0

A look at how a centralized ERP system can significantly improve your organization.

ERP uses a centralized database for multiple business processes. There is no need to use different software for different methods if you use ERP software that meets all the requirements of your industry. Common features of ERP software include accounting, manufacturing, human resources, CRM, inventory management, etc.

Having all of your data in one available location can significantly improve internal workflows. For example, your accounting team wouldn’t have to reach out to the sales team every month for an updated record of the revenue made.

Ultimately, having data available in a centralized location helps to facilitate business processes and reduces the amount of time that employees spend waiting on people in different departments to provide them with information necessary to complete essential tasks.

Centralized Company Management:

Managing multiple companies and finances in different systems is a huge headache for an expanding business. But with an ERP software can achieve centralized management of your holding company. Carry out operating activities and administer procedures from a single dashboard.

Real-Time Stock Monitor

With Atoll ERP, our client has managed to streamline his inventory to a large extent. Now, entries are made in our software at the time of the physical count, and with integrated systems of sales and purchases, stocks are updated in real-time. With alerts in place, the business owner can get an update every morning, and he is in control of his products, or goods that are required urgently for the completion of any project.

Due to regular updates, there is no extreme loading of stock leading to losses, or there is no unproductive time spent by any workforce to physically head to the warehouse for unprepared stock checking when an order is received.

Advantages of ERP Software:

Automated processes

The more automation, the better. ERP integrations can streamline processes across various departments and workflows. That reduces the amount of manual input required and the time that it takes for tasks to be completed.

Reduction in human error

ERP system integration can increase the amount of automation that occurs along with business workflows. There is an opportunity to reduce human error. Typos and emails sent to the wrong client can negatively impact your business, so automation is a huge benefit.

The amount of human error that occurs every day is incredible, so a reduction in this rate could give your company a competitive edge.


For a multi-entity business, it’s important to manage all of your companies in one place to help bring true transparency to your profit and loss across the business. Once you’ve found the right cloud ERP for your multi-entity, you’ll be able to automate processes that help you to grow your business faster.

Discover more about Lagoon Technologie’s Atoll ERP systems that help you get fitted with the right ERP solutions for your business.

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