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Atoll HRMS is the leading HR software, with best-in-class service and support, creating the ultimate HRMS user experience. This next-generation HRMS developed by Lagoon Technologies offers unmatched breadth and depth of functionality to your work-force from applicant to retiree. The most comprehensive feature that can be found in Atoll HRMS is the core functionality. Companies striving for growth are now moving to a consolidated and fully-integrated solution to improve employee engagement and performance output.


Web-based Central Time & Attendance System
Key Process Indicator & Custom Report
Rapid Benefit Start-Up
Streamlined Communication
Streamlined Government Response Generation
Efficient Benefit Rollover
Reduced Time to Handle Employee Support Calls
Improved Data Integrity

Protection Against Fraud

Fraudulent transactions done by employees result in great loss for the companies. Even though manual surveillance is strong, chances of fraud activities are still high in organizations. However, a well-built HRMS like Atoll HRMS can help you to tightly monitor employee activities. This helps in saving the time and revenue required to process the claims since it is an integrated system, which makes it impossible for users to manipulate. Atoll HRMS can be integrated into the existing finance, accounting and ERP modules to achieve seamless processes.

Remote Access & Self-service

Employee service is the primary HR task involved in an organization. Atoll HRMS by Lagoon Technologies eliminates this tedious task of process clarification, documents and certification, etc. by automating the processes. Our software offers remote access and employee self-service, i.e. the employees can themselves generate and download such documents by logging into the portal from any location. This feature saves a considerable amount of time and helps in increasing the productivity of HR personnel.

Time Attendance & Shift Management

Atoll HRMS features Time Attendance and Shift Management in one of its modules. If the employees fail to complete their working hours, an email triggers to the particular employee’s mail id. In response to it, he/she should raise the ‘Short Attendance Request’ from the Self-service Portal. The Manager can view and approve or disapprove the request depending upon the criterion. If the request gets approved, the attendance will get regularized. Apart from these, Atoll HRMS offers numerous other benefits.


1. Which is the best cloud-based hrm system?

If you are looking for an HRM system for your platform, Lagoon is the best choice for your business. Atoll HRMS really gives a big helping hand to the organization. By allowing a company to keep track of all of its employees and information about them.

2. Why do I need an HRM system for my business?

Automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with human resources management using the Atoll HRM system frees up your valuable time.

3. What are the features of web based HRMS?

HRMS (Human Resource Management System) helps the workplace to automate the whole process of HR functions. It manages employee data efficiently, reduces the chance of human errors, and improves decision-making capabilities.

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