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Time tick Time and attendance system activities put the right information at your fingertips. By giving you the latest and most detailed labor activity data, you will finally know how productive your workforce is and have the information to make swift corrections when needed. Time Tick Time and attendance system provides you to track the employees with a live transaction data which includes Late Punch-in, Early Punch-out, Check-in, Checkout, and current over time.

Time Attendance System Dubai for the Modern Workplace

  • Time and attendance system makes easy work of the tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance. Our simplified time attendance software — working in tandem with our data collection devices — helps you control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.
  • Time attendance software will be as strong as the data you provide it. You can choose a data capture option that’s reliable and easy to use — whether it’s a fixed-mount time clock, a mobile app, a telephony system, or a browser-based solution. And put accurate data into your employee attendance management system.
  • Time Tick Attendance Management System allows you to Remotely monitor & manage hundreds of T & A terminals under complex network conditions (WLAN)All data collected at terminals will be automatically transferred to the serverManage personnel information and the collected data at a server
    Flexible database interface supports many kinds of database


Focus On

Attendance Management
Multiple Locations
Automated Payroll
Overtime Calculation
Business Intelligence
Shift Planner
GPS Tracking

Time Attendance
System Features

Mobile App
A Mobile based attendance system simplifies the entire attendance management by closely monitoring the employee time and attendance. The new time and attendance with a mobile app give real-time insight and easy access to business activities on the
Restrict where employees can and cannot check in/out from with a geofence. By setting a geographical perimeter, employees are only allowed to clock in or out from the specified GPS Location with time attendance management.
Track Visits & Attendance
The new time attendance software mobile app management by lagoon technologies helps you to track time and location for the field staff, which is otherwise impossible with a time attendance software by mobile app deployed in the company head office.


How the
App Works


1. What is the time attendance system?

A time attendance system Dubai is a tracking system to record employees’ work hours in organizations with advanced features.

2. Which is the best time attendance system for your organization?

Lagoon’s time attendance system is a great option for anyone who is looking to track time and attendance because it enables the workplace to move towards a contactless attendance system.

3. Do you know the benefits of attendance management?

Yes, Time Tick attendance management system controls the attendance of all the employees working in a workplace with proper contact-less operations.

4. What is the best time tracking software?

Lagoon technologies offer excellent employee time tracking software because it enables organizations to record working hours with accurate data.

5. Why do I need a biometric time attendance system?

When you implement a time and attendance system, you can track employee attendance in real-time with data automatically will be sent to the server.

6. What are the uses of the time and attendance systems?

Time and attendance systems is a devices used to identify an employee with fingerprints and face recognition to collect data in an organization.

7. What are the features of the time and attendance systems with the mobile app?

Lagoon mobile app for time and attendance systems powered with face recognition and GPS integrated location on both iOS and Android app to capture the employee attendance.

8. How do a time and attendance systems with a mobile app add value to your business?

Our best time tracking software with a mobile app is a must for all business types. It simplifies the entire attendance management system by closely monitoring employee time and attendance.

9. How does the mobile based attendance system track employee attendance?

A mobile based attendance system will track the ongoing operations on a real-time basis on both Android and iOS devices through an integrated GPS.

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