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Time Tick E-Attendance
Mobile Application

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Time Tick E-attendance mobile app simplifies the entire attendance management system by closely monitoring the employee time and attendance.

The new Time Tick E-Attendance Mobile Application gives the real-time insight and easy access to business activities on the go.

The App Offers:

  • Face recognition
  • GPS location capture
  • Bird’s eye view
  • Geofencing
  • Both iOS & Android App available


Track Visits & Attendance

The new Time Tick E-Attendance app by Lagoon Technologies help you to track time and location for the field staff, which is otherwise impossible with a biometric time & attendance machine deployed in the company head office.

Multiple Locations

In the case where the offices are spread out over a lot of places, monitoring the attendance machines installed at those locations is often tedious. Now, with the new mobile app, you can easily check the time records of employees stationed at multiple locations.

Real-Time Data

With the new app, you will get the real-time insights of your employee attendance & location data even when you are out of office. In addition, you can generate and view reports of late comers, early leavers and absentees through the e-attendance app.
Timecard Approval on the Go

This module gives the employees the ability to review and approve their timecards anytime, anywhere.
Restrict where employees can and cannot check in/out from with a geofence. By setting a geographical perimeter, employees are only allowed to clock in or out from the speciļ¬ed GPS location.
Employee Scheduling

This feature helps to eliminate the schedule-related attendance excuses. Employees have 24×7 access to the schedules and shift changes in real-time.

How the app works?


mobile attendance system

Available Reports

Detail/Summary reports are available with the following,

  • Day or Selected Period
  • Employee Master
  • Activity Type
  • Designation
  • Employee Location
  • Daily Attendance
  • Transaction Reports
  • Extracting clear and accurate reports when signing in/out and taking permissions
  • Easiness of the design used and all reports are smooth and legible
  • Reading reports in Excel and PDF
  • Daily attendance report, and so on


1. What are the features of the mobile app attendance system?

Lagoon mobile app for employee attendance system powered with face recognition and GPS integrated location on both iOS and Android app to capture the employee attendance.

2. How does a time attendance mobile app add value to your business?

A time attendance mobile app is a must for all business types. It simplifies the entire attendance management system by closely monitoring employee time and attendance.

3. How does the time attendance mobile app track employee attendance?

A mobile app attendance system will track the ongoing operations on a real-time basis on both Android and ios devices through an integrated GPS.

time attendance mobile app

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