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ILooops ERP

iLooops ERP by Lagoon Technologies is the ideal solution for business automation, data analysis and infrastructure integration. iLooops ERP enables the integrated management of business processes, often in real-time, mediated by software and technology. Each ERP software is custom-made to fit into the industry of choice. iLooops ERP ensures seamless data transfer across the various departments in your organization. Using a single database is not only a cost-effective option but also it reduces the chances of errors.


Focus On

Sales and Marketing
Financial Management
Human Resource Management(HRM)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Business Intelligence
Inventory Management
Purchase Management

System Features

Low Operational Costs
Organizations can leverage ILooops ERP to cut down costs, which in turn, benefits the entire business process. When the processes are automated and metrics are continuously monitored, any disruptions, delays or breakdown in the chain can be quickly identified. Thereby, authorised personnel can take immediate action to prevent further loss. Such incidents are more common in the manufacturing industry. However, with ILooops ERP the entire units work together using real-time data, solving problems quickly and keeping the operational costs within the budget.
Tracking and Visibility
ILooops ERP offers a comprehensive visibility of the entire system. From stage 1 to the last, information pertaining to sales, manufacturing statistics, staff productivity, etc. is tracked. This is only possible with a highly integrated ERP system like ILooops ERP. The system provides tools for tracking information from various departments. For instance, ILooops ERP for inventory management allows the users to collaborate with their partners. Across the supply chain, sales, order and shipping information can be synchronised and viewed easily.
Data Security
ILooops ERP developed by Lagoon Technologies deploys firewalls and restriction controls to prevent data breach. The data will be stored in a single data warehouse and hence the access points can be tightly monitored. Moreover, permission rules can be set by the admin to lock sensitive data without restricting the users accessing any other data. ILooops ERP by Lagoon Technologies comes with an option to view user activities, by which the admin can monitor and spot suspicious activities if any.



1. What is an ERP system?

An ERP is a short form of Enterprise Resource Planning that ensures smooth workflow operations across the organization.

2. What is the importance of ERP management systems?

ERP management systems provide complete visibility to the business and increase productivity, improve decision-making, reduce errors and costs to expand a business.

3. Which is the best ERP system for restaurant management?

Lagoon ILooops ERP system is the best choice for restaurant management. It helps employees to reduce the significant number of tasks and minimize the amount of work each manager has to complete in the restaurant industry.

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