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July 15, 2020by lagoon0


The consequences of corona virus were affected by every industry in a variety of ways. Organizations are now moving to advanced facial and palm-based attendance system with temperature scan and mask detection which is a solution for employee’s risk of using the traditional bio metric system.


Most of the existing attendance systems are risky and easily spread the virus.

our new Lagoon safe attendance system can detect even detect masks, along with thermal sensing. This helps you maintain a safe environment within the office premises as the pandemic is bringing the focus back on hygiene.


Powered by the facial recognition algorithm and the latest computer vision technology, our attendance system supports both facial and palm verification with large capacity and rapid recognition speed, boosting the security performance in all aspects. Employee’s face and palm readings were recorded in the system and detects on access.


Access will be denied to individual with high fever detection and non-masked individual to avoid further contamination caused by finger/thumb-based bio-metric scanners.


The facial recognition capability of this bio-metrics technology industry with a maximum of 50,000 facial templates, recognition speed of less than 0.3 sec per face, and supreme anti-spoofing ability against many kinds of fake photos and videos attack.


In addition, the 3-in-1 palm recognition (Palm Shape, Palm Print and Palm Vein) is performed in 0.35 sec per hand; the palm data acquired will be compared with a maximum of 5,000 palm templates.

To reduce the risk of infection and germs spreading during the pandemic, Our  system is embedded with RFID reader and IOT sensor doors to enable workplace access at all access points, especially in hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, airports, stations, and other public areas.


With Lagoon safe attendance system, you can easily record and access the visitors’ data along with the employees’ daily attendance data.Now, remotely access your multiple business locations hassle free!

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