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July 26, 2021by lagoon0

The RA08T face recognition temperature software is a touch screen face access control. It has 4G, QR Code, IC Card function, and face mask recognition. It is suitable for workplace areas, hotels, access gates, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, shops, and other places where human faces and temperature measurement access control are required.


Now Our Software allows businesses to scan EU health codes with the RA08T model!

What is an EU Digital COVID Certificate?

An EU Digital COVID vaccination certificate is digital proof that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, they have received a negative test result, or has recovered from COVID-19. EU Digital COVID Certificate can be in a Digital and/or paper format.

How does it work?

Each EU Digital COVID Certificate contains a QR code with a digital signature to protect it against falsification and forgery. When this certificate is checked, the QR code is scanned, and the signature is verified with face recognition temperature software.

How secure is it?

The EU says that information stored in certificate QR codes can be verified “without the processing of personal data.” Although the certificate itself contains data including name, date of birth, and vaccine/recovery dates, it is not seen when being verified or stored. Only the valid digital signature will be checked.

Face Recognition Time Attendance and Access Control

RA08T Face recognition temperature software is live body verification, and detection can effectively prevent props such as photos, dynamic images, screen remakes, mask models. Its Facial access control system has an automatic body temperature checking that ensures temperature detection is quick and accurate.

Real-Time Face Detection

The RA08T model system supports time attendance, access control management, abnormal temperature reporting, device management, and data statistics that allow EU health codes to scan easily.

Having an EU certificate is a crucial step on the way. Together we can make everyone stay safe and healthy so that Europe will have a better chance of a quicker and longer-term recovery.

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