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Fleet Management: Vehicle Dispatch and Tracking System at a Glance

We see many businesses involved in fleet management struggling with their fleet management tactics. Many businesses involved in transportation, car rental services, shipping and delivery services, utility services and public transport rely on their fleet to stay competitive in the market. Though they make a profit from their core business, the fleet-related expense is on the higher end, which makes it necessary to keep the effective fleet management a healthy bottom line.

Fleet management covers every stage of a vehicle’s lifecycle. Starting from acquisition to utilization, from maintenance to retirement, the vehicles are monitored with the aim of improving efficiency, reducing operational costs, ensuring fleet safety as well as reliability, mitigating risks and staying compliant with the regulatory standards. For every organization, keeping the vehicles and other related assets on track is of utmost necessity. This helps in maintaining the schedules and keeping the expenses under budget effortlessly.

Challenges in Fleet Management and Their Solutions

Yes, it is true that the fleet management is as challenging as owning the business is. It is mainly because of:

  • Lack of visibility into the vehicle’s location
  • Lack of efficiency in route and schedule
  • Driver and rider safety

Lack of visibility into the vehicle’s location

Dispatching the vehicles are easier than real-time tracking. For that, a business needs an efficient vehicle tracking system that works flawlessly. It not only ensures the safety of the vehicle but the passengers and drivers as well. GPS-enabled fleet management systems can dispatch and track the vehicle’s real-time location. Even though the vehicles go off-track one can easily trace and recover them.

The Vehicle Dispatch System and Vehicle Tracking System offered by Lagoon Technologies use Geo-fencing for tracking the fleet. The system alerts the fleet manager if the driver travels out of the pre-set virtual geographic boundary. The same also alert the riders if they are deviating from their geofence. Thereby, ensuring a completely safe journey.

Lack of efficiency in route and schedule

Without a fleet management system on board, it is difficult to retain customers since the drivers may not reach the pickup points on time or the delivery boy doesn’t deliver on time at the right door. Even in the case of vehicle breakdowns, customer cancellations and driver shortage, you can make necessary adjustments with the help of the vehicle dispatch and tracking system.

The high living standards and increasing disposable incomes of the public necessitate the businesses involved in industries such as transportation to raise the standards and meet the consumer expectations. To stay competitive, timeliness, safety, optimized routes, etc. are to be ensured. The effective fleet management system must track data to maximize the driver journeys and bring in the required changes on the fly.

Driver and rider safety

Over the past years, many lives were lost on road due to rash driving and ill-maintenance of vehicles. It is of utmost importance that the fleet managers should consider the safety of passengers, pedestrians, drivers and other riders equally. Proper monitoring and tracking can help in reducing the chances of preventable accidents and thereby avoiding legal penalties, as well as eliminate the downtime costs.

The vehicle dispatch and tracking system collects driver behaviour, which can be utilized to conduct training and coaching programs. Driver behaviour can be understood from the incidents such as heavy braking, speeding up beyond the limit, hard acceleration and rider reviews.

Lagoon Technologies offers Vehicle Dispatch System and Vehicle Tracking System for effective fleet management and from installation to support we will be a part of your journey. Contact us to know more about the product features.

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