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May 4, 2021by lagoon0

In this pandemic situation, a face recognition-based attendance system embedded with temperature recording to move towards a contactless attendance system is becoming very popular nowadays.

Facial recognition is a way of recognizing a human face through technology. A facial recognition system uses biometrics to map facial features from a photograph or video. It compares the information with a database of known faces to find a match. Facial recognition can help verify personal identity.

Evaluating Touchless automated attendance with face mask detection and temperature detection is an added benefit by reducing the chances of spreading viruses in the organization and public areas.

The Fingerprint attendance system with face recognition can help to detect the body temperature in the COVID19 scenario.

Are you feeling confused about how to choose the best Face recognition attendance system? We bring you a list of features that will help you in selecting the best contactless attendance system for your organization.

  • Detection of Face:

Face Detection involves finding a picture of your face that is acquired from an existing photo or video, and if so, It involves scanning for the faces to locate the location and size of each face.

  • Face Alignment:

After detecting a face, the facial recognition attendance system reads the geometry of your face. The employee attendance system determines the distance b/w the eyes, the width of the nose, the depth of eye sockets, and the distance from the forehead to the jaw. The cloud-based attendance system ​Software now converts these facial landmarks that are key to distinguishing your face and converts them into a facial signature.

  • Face Feature Matching:

It is to make a decision based on whether the facial features of a new sample are matching with the one from a facial database or not. It usually takes just seconds with an attendance management system. Once the image is captured it’s then stored in a record.

  • Face Recognition:

Recognition is about the classification of the detected, aligned, and matched faces into known identities.

That’s how face recognition works, So let’s see the benefits of Facial Recognition.

  • Increased Safety:

The online attendance system provides promising security. As IDs and other printed identity documents can be pretended, it adds an extra layer of security and ensures safety.

  • Contactless attendance system:

A fingerprint attendance system embedded with Face recognition is preferred over a fingerprint scanner because of its non-contact and ease process.

  • Speedy Process:

Faster processing/speeding up the onboarding process. Enabling greater productivity and efficiency of the online attendance system.

  • Increased Accuracy:

The office attendance system is beneficial in helping to prevent cyber attacks.

Many cyberattacks are increasing every day, having quick and accurate technology is key. A cloud-based attendance system ensures verification that is quick, accurate, and convenient with Face recognition. It becomes more reliable and harder to trick with 3D mapping and deep learning features.

The features discussed above will help you to choose the best biometric face recognition attendance system for your organization.

So, make your employees remain punctual the technologically advanced way with an employee attendance system embedded with a fingerprint attendance system and face recognition attendance system.

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