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Contact-less Attendance System with

Thermal Screening



The need for a contact-free attendance system sparked by the Covid -19 outbreak is spurring a shift from fingerprint sensors to facial recognition systems for allowing access to employees across offices globally. Our new advanced face recognition-based time and attendance system embedded with temperature recording and IoT sensor doors enable organizations to move towards a contact-free attendance system easily.

The introduction of thermal scanners benefits the organization in a way that the door would not open if the temperature recorded from the forehead of an employee is over a certain set degree. Thus, it ensures a safe working environment by preventing the spread of contagious diseases to others under the same roof.

Area of application:

  • Corporate office entrances
  • Hospitals & medical centers
  • Student entry points
  • Community parks
  • Public gathering entrances
  • Factories & labor-intensive areas



Time Management

Our completely automated time and attendance solutions reduce labor costs by enforcing pay and work rules — consistently and accurately — across the organization.Labor-intensive timecard tracking, data entry,and approval processing are simplified.And that reduces the administrative time associated with attendance exceptions and employee inquiries — all while minimizing overpayments and compliance risk.


Geofencing allows the Time Tick admin to set geographical areas to limit where an employee is permitted to check-in and check-out. The admin can define an unlimited number of zones and assign them to employees, based on work schedule. Employees must be present within this area to submit check-in and check-out of their shift. Geofencing gives you the ability to monitor your employees’ location in real-time based on their GPS location, and have them do a set of safety checks to let the Manager know that everything is going well at the workplace.

TimeTick Activities puts the right information at your fingertips. By giving you the latest and most detailed labor activity data, you will finally know how productive your workforce is and have the information to make swift corrections when needed. TimeTick provides you to track the employees with live transaction page which includes Late Punch-in, Early Punch-Out, Check-in, Checkout, and Current Overtime.
Reports & Dashboard

TimeTick Provides Clients with extensive Reportsi.e. Transaction Reports, Attendance Reports,Overtime Reports, Leave reports, Absence Repots and ,Exception Reports ( Missed Punch-out, Late Punch-in , Early Punch.TimeTick Provides Dashboard with Live Data to get the clients very good visibility on the attendance tracking in one screen.


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