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What is HRMS?

Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) is a tool that helps organizations to manage their day-to-day tasks effortlessly and is used to perform HR/Payroll activities. It is a web-based HRMS for various businesses to combine HR functions.

Why do you need an HRM system for your business?

Atoll HRMS is the best HRM system and latest HR platform. I would recommend it because it has many powerful tools to simplify HR/Payroll functions. It is a global system that is doing very well in UAE & INDIA. Multiple systems such as storing employee data, managing payrolls, recruitment processes, etc.

How can Atoll HRM system help you?

Add your employees easily using a web-based human resource management system

Even if your organization is large, You can quickly add multiple employees to the HRM system effortlessly.

Cloud-based hrms

Know your Departments and Designations

Our cloud-based HRMS classifies your workforce into small groups, empowering work and approvals efficiently. Identify goals for each designation and employees.

web based hrms

Get your every sort of Report

Use web-based HRMS to get your utility report for individual employees or entire teams. For faster handling of your Technical support, custom the filters of date ranges, shifts, locations, etc.

best hrms system

The main objective of using the best HRM system application that combines many human resources functions, including:

Payroll Management:

A Payroll Management system is the process of managing the salary of the employees in an organization. It is calculating, withholding, and filing employment taxes along with paying employees their wages.

It involves accurate payroll calculations, disbursal, payslip generation, and managing payroll taxes, and record-keeping compliance with integrated human resource management.

Leave management:

A Leave Management module allows your employees to apply for leaves on-the-go, and it can be approved or rejected by their manager immediately. It plans and creates leave types and holiday lists. Manage workflows of approvals for leave management.

Executing a leave management system will ensure that employees enable their organizations to plan their leaves better. It significantly reduces work disruptions and the time and effort spent by HR on maintaining accurate leave records with the web-based human resource management system.


Training management is to conduct internal training sessions and maintaining feedback of trainers and participants. If an employee has confused about the job, the proper training can initiate with a web-based HRMS.

In the training module, the businesses can correctly concentrate on the right training and skill development. Also, it becomes easier to track employee’s progress in skill enhancement and other practices.

Attendance management:

The best HRM system delivers you all the automatic features needed for an efficient attendance management system.

Attendance management magnifies the capability of the organization to manage attendance and increase productivity. Our cloud-based HRMS can automatically import and prepare attendance data in a variety of formats and better timekeeping. It facilitates the accurate calculation of working hours which supports payroll computation minus the errors.

Performance Management:

A Performance Management system is the continuing process of communication between managers and employees.

Performance Management helps to analyze and review the employee’s contribution towards a project or assignment. It records the time spent in different parts of the program and allows the organization to ensure employees and departments meet their business’ strategic goals and evaluate their performance.


Our Leading cloud-based HRM system improves engagement and automates everything easy for your organization. Lagoon Technologies Atoll HRMS will help you to protect against fraud, remote access, and shift management.

Discover more about our Atoll HRMS that ease your business.

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