Lagoon Technologies, the leading IT company in Dubai, not only offers supreme quality products and services but also excels in providing necessary on-site support to its clients all across the UAE. We completely understand your concerns while purchasing a product or service, especially regarding its after-sales support and have formed a well-trained team of tech support in Dubai to resolve all issues related to our offerings.
We, being the top tech support provider in UAE, continue working with you even after the deployment of our solutions so that you attain full confidence in using the product. We have made available the team to listen to your queries and respond within the stipulated time. Queries related to hardware or software faults, forgotten passwords, viruses, email issues, etc. are common in an organization.
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Our Team’s

We diagnose the faults and solve technical issues over multiple channels or on-site — depending on the situation. Basic issues can be addressed over the phone itself or if the client demands, we are more than happy to arrive on site. Thanks to remote access services, which has made repair services easier now. However, critical problems need to be addressed in person.

Strategize your Business Growth

Our engineers help you in focussing completely in your business rather than spending time on technical issues. Lagoon’s team supports you in aligning IT with your business objectives, thereby offering infrastructure planning and scalable support.

Call in

Call in aka Time and Materials (T&M) IT support is a common type of technical support in the industry. Lagoon Technologies offers Call in support in a convenient and cost-effective way based on pre-bookings.

Self-help Documents

We provide all the necessary self-help documents and FAQs required for troubleshooting upon the deployment of the product. Our ultimate aim is to ease the tasks of our clients. Studies reveal that enabling clients to perform self-service significantly decreases their frustration of calling in supporters.

Overcome IT Challenges

If you are a start-up slowly adapting to the changing business climate, we can assist you in ramping up your IT activities. Depending on the Service Level Agreement (SLA), we visit the workstation weekly, monthly or quarterly, or as per the predefined terms.

Multi-channel Tech Support

Though most companies still rely on email and telephonic communications, we offer our clients multi-channel support. i.e. over the phone, Skype, SMS, online chat, e-mail, fax, messaging apps and various other social media channels.


We at Lagoon Technologies, hire, train and retain our engineers properly so that our clients get top-notch services. Till now, we never failed any routine tasks and never will. Customer data is stored and regularly updated in our database to avoid time wastage. Our customers say that we never keep them waiting — they are our real priority.

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