Time To Track Your Workforce Smooth and Error-free

Experience your business essence with our Time Tick-Time & Attendance Management software. Offering a comprehensive suite of platforms, we enhance operational productivity and integration. Capture real-time employee attendance to ensure seamless business operations and boost overall productivity. 

Cutting-edge Feature for Your Business

Centralize your time and attendance systems in the cloud, reducing repetitive tasks and allowing you to prioritize your people. 

All-In-One Insights

Utilize our Real-Time Dashboard to instantly track crucial metrics and make informed, data-driven decisions for employee attendance. 

Capture Employee Check-In & Check-Out

Ease looks out the employee check-in & check-out time instantly with TimeTick application devices to monitor Every Minute activity.

Location-Based Employee Track

Stay in control, stay informed, and take your employee tracking to the next level with our innovative location-based solution. 

Efficient Shift Rotations

Pre-plan or automate the allocation of shifts—whether general, day, or night—across the entire organization in bulk or on an individual basis for each staff member.

Rotating Roster / Schedule

Create a dynamic and flexible rotating roster or schedule to accommodate varying work shifts and assignments for optimal workforce management. 

Streamline Employee Shift Planner

Define work shifts, assign employees, set up payout configurations, and automate shift rotations seamlessly—all within a centralized platform. 

Leaves & Attendance Tracking System

Obtain a real-time overview of employees working remotely or outside the office. Ensure complete transparency by tracking the live location of on-the-ground staff.

Calculate Work Hours

Leverage attendance data for accurate computation of total work hours and utilize the employee OT tracker to streamline and automate overtime calculations. 

Online/Offline Mode

Enable employees to log their working hours using GPS location, allowing managers to monitor attendance seamlessly even offline.

Employee Data-Rich Reports

Generate detailed effortless data-rich reports to instantly track employee work hours, project progress, and budget updates.

Authentic Manual Report

By embracing the traditional methodology, we prioritize the authenticity of your reports, providing you with a tangible and reliable record of essential information.

Dynamic Attendance Report

Adapt the manual attendance report dynamically to changing needs. Tailor the report by adding or adjusting data fields as required. 

App Screenshots

Unlocking the Benefits of TimeTick for Employees

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Unleash the power of real-time attendance management from any corner of the globe.

Global Collaboration

Break down borders and unite teams worldwide with a cloud hub for attendance harmony.

Time Savings

Automation reduces the time spent on manual attendance tracking, allowing employees and managers to focus on more strategic tasks.


Minimize errors associated with manual recording, calculation, and interpretation of attendance data, ensuring precision in payroll and compliance.

Efficient Payroll Processing

Streamline payroll by automating time calculations, ensuring accurate compensation based on worked hours and overtime.

Compliance Assurance

Maintain compliance with labour laws and organizational policies, reducing the risk of errors and penalties associated with non-compliance.

Customized Reporting

Generate detailed reports on attendance trends, helping management identify patterns and make data-driven decisions.

Leave Management

Simplify and streamline the leave request and approval process, ensuring accurate tracking of employees' time off.

Remote Work Support

With advanced features, support remote work scenarios by allowing employees to log their working hours, even when working off-site.

Integration Capability

Integrate seamlessly with other HR and organizational systems, creating a cohesive and interconnected workflow.

Approval Workflow

A structured workflow for managers to review and approve leave requests, ensuring efficient decision-making.

Leave Balances

Real-time tracking of employees' leave balances, providing visibility into accrued, used, and remaining leave.

How Does Time Tick - Online Attendance System Work?

Why To Choose Us?

Tailor-Made, Seamless, and User-Friendly Time & Attandance Solutions for Effortless Integration and Implementation. 

Complimentary Server Installation

Upon the completion of your purchase, we offer a hassle-free installation of our TimeTick software on your server at no additional cost. Our swift process ensures your script goes live in no time.

Free Bug Assistance

Our commitment to delivering top-notch, bug-free products is unwavering. Should any critical bugs arise, we're delighted to provide immediate, cost-free support during the specified support period.

Timely and Comprehensive Support

We stand ready to assist you through various communication channels. Our punctual support covers both technical and non-technical aspects, ensuring your seamless experience with our team.

Complete Access to Source Code

Choose your package and gain full access to the source code. This empowers you to modify and customize the code to align with your vision, attracting the most relevant customers.

Native iOS & Android Apps

Our experts have meticulously crafted app features using native languages for iOS and Android, ensuring compatibility across diverse technologies.

Post-Submission Support

Our commitment extends beyond the purchase completion. Should your app face rejection post-submission, we're dedicated to providing support and enhancing the app for successful acceptance.

Our Products

Fingerprint Machine

Fingerprint sensors serve the purpose of recognizing and verifying an individual’s identity based on their unique fingerprint.   

Face Recognition Machine

Face recognition machines used in time and attendance applications help automate and enhance the process of tracking employee work hours. 

Palm Recognition Machine

A Palm Recognition Machine used in time and attendance applications leverages biometric technology to authenticate individuals based on unique patterns in their palms. 

Beacon Devices

Beacon devices, often based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, are used in time and attendance applications to enhance the accuracy and convenience of tracking employee presence and location within a workplace. 

Biometric Enrollment Devices

Multi-fingerprint and dual IRIS sensor devices are well-suited for efficient biometric enrollment and verification processes

Access Control

Biometric access control systems offer convenient and rapid entry to authorized individuals while ensuring security and control. 

What Do We Deliver In Our Time & Attendance Tracking Software Package?

Experience exceptional admin & user panels for streamlining your attendance management workflow with ease!  

Admin Web Panel

Unlock effortless staff attendance management software with our All-in-one toolkit in a simple manner 

Employee Mobile App Panel

Employee Portal: secure access to your employee work realm with online attendance tracking software

Fueling Success Across Industries

Frequently asked questions

We have some FAQ to
inform you more

TimeTick is a comprehensive time tracking and employee monitoring software designed for companies and remote teams: - Time Tracking with Screenshots
- Attendance Monitoring
- Productivity Monitoring
- Apps/Website usage monitoring
- Activity Level Monitoring
- Mobile Tracking / Geolocation Tracking
- Task Management
Utilizing TimeTick improves productivity by encouraging self-analysis among both employees and management. By tracking time and activities, employees gain insight into how these interruptions affect their day, enabling better decision-making regarding task prioritization.
TimeTick can function offline. In cases of unexpected internet outages, the software continues to track time and capture screenshots for approximately 6-7 hours. The data is stored in a cache. Once the internet connection is restored, the cached activity data is automatically synced.TimeTick can function offline. In cases of unexpected internet outages, the software continues to track time and capture screenshots for approximately 6-7 hours. The data is stored in a cache. Once the internet connection is restored, the cached activity data is automatically synced.
TimeTick supports a wide range of operating systems, including desktop trackers for Mac, Windows, and Linux, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android.
TimeTick is available globally, and accessible to users around the world.
TimeTick prioritizes transparency and customer privacy. Details on data collection, usage, and processing are clearly communicated to users.
Effective communication using TimeTick is a two-way process, with leading by example being key. Managers can gain insights into employee activities, but it's also a tool for employees to showcase their progress and seek assistance when necessary. Transparency and clear communication about the benefits of time tracking are essential. TimeTick allows for setting break reminders, promoting private time, and preventing overworking to ensure team members feel valued and well-rested.
Yes, TimeTick can help prevent burnout. It identifies overachievers and employees who may be struggling, facilitating early intervention and resource reallocation to maintain a balanced workload.
TimeTick respects your team's privacy. While it provides valuable insights into work activities, it is not designed as an employee monitoring or spy tool. Privacy features, such as Private Time, allow users to disable tracking for non-work-related tasks during office hours, respecting their personal time.
TimeTick tracks users' geolocation only when they grant the necessary permissions from their mobile devices. Currently, this feature is applicable to mobile tracking.

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