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April 1, 2021by lagoon0

ERP Enterprise resource planning systems as a technology of power!

ERP is all about the intelligent future. If you have Our Lagoon Atoll ERP systems in your place then you are very well placed to take advantage of all the new technologies.

Why Atoll ERP is Important?

Atoll ERP systems is created to help your organizations by managing complete business functions within one single integrated system.

How does Atoll ERP help your business?

ERP management systems can help businesses with major aspects for your business – management of inventory, to financial controls and even customer relationship management.

Here are the eight reasons why you need to invest in ERP enterprise resource planning systems for your organization:

1. Provides Real-time Information and Data

ERP management systems are efficient around data sharing to enhance collaboration in any given business.

Erp integration provides real-time information and allows you to make better business decisions, secures all the information and data. Many business organizations get a step ahead in real-time analysis with complete access to standardized and reliable data. It gives a systematic and uniform flow of business data and information across all departments in an organization.

2. Improves Collaboration

Enterprise resource planning system allows for easier interdepartmental collaboration. By giving them access to data from other departments, ERP software increases collaboration.

Information from each department is transpiring funneled into one centralized location, which allows for real-time project updates and better communication. The net effect on the business is increased efficiency and reduced operational costs associated with manual data tracking.

3. Better Reports

If you choose cloud-based ERP systems with the ability to create reports automatically, you can save half of your working time.
Yes, ERP software makes it easier and faster for your team to generate various reports.

Additionally, the Enterprise resource planning system offers business intelligence services as an added layer to their software, allowing businesses to gain more in-depth analytics of their actions. It helps to identify operational strengths and gaps that need improvement for better corporate planning for your Organization.

4. Allows for Increased Productivity

An ERP can automate your most tedious manual tasks, as well as improving efforts following the implementations of ERP software which allows them to focus better on other areas of business operations or processes that need improvement and saves employees valuable time

Cloud-based ERP systems can help to eliminate redundant tasks such as data entry and allows the system to perform advanced calculations within minutes. From this, ERP systems increase your organization’s productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

5. Makes Customers Happier

Integrated ERP systems are equipped with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool easily. With an ERP, your CRM has access to data across business functions. With this, employees can communicate with customers better and improve relationships with them through faster, more accurate access to customer information and history that the best ERP system provides.

And ERP and CRM integration ensures that the team has your key information they need at their fingertips to help optimize interactions with customers.


Investing in ERP systems is an investment in the future of your organization. With an enterprise resource planning system, businesses can better manage their time and entrepreneurial resources, eventually saving their money and seeing maximum ROI.

Atoll ERP systems can help you evaluate business processes and ensure you have the best system in place to grow your organization.

Discover more about Lagoon Technologie’s Atoll ERP systems that help you get fitted with the right ERP solutions for your business.

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