Systematic And Secure School Bus Fleet Management Software

Discover a user-friendly and dependable School Bus Fleet Management Solution emphasizing safety and compliance. Our Trackoon GPS software is designed for ease of use, ensuring a smooth transition to efficient operations. With our solution, you can be up and running within days, reaping the benefits of its cost-effectiveness and effectiveness in managing your school bus fleet.  

Key Features of Trackoon GPS School Transport Management System

Stay ahead with our smart transport management system developed for your school bus fleet.

Real-Time Bus Tracking

Track the precise location of your school buses in real time with our government-approved GPS device integrated with Trackoon GPS. Receive live status updates via SMS during pick-up and drop-off, keeping schools and parents informed.

Instant Alerts

Get immediate notifications about boarding and deboarding activities, route changes, and more. Access detailed historical trip data, including each bus’s location, speed, routes, and distances, right at your fingertips.

24/7 Monitored Buses

Effortlessly monitor your school buses with CCTV cameras linked to the Trackoon GPS app and portal. Our dedicated team provides seamless device setup, ensuring full visibility of your fleet’s activities with CCTV cameras installed on all buses.  

Transportation Fee Collection

Our Transportation Management System (TMS) utilizes advanced algorithms to dynamically adjust fees based on each student’s specific route and pick-up/drop-off locations, ensuring fair and accurate pricing. Schools can effortlessly customize fee structures to accommodate diverse financial needs, streamline administrative tasks by integrating with your payment gateway, and manage fee collections efficiently.

Simplified Vehicle Management

Stay on top of vehicle maintenance and track the expiration of essential documents like PUC, driver’s licenses, and vehicle registrations. Set reminders for renewals and maintain comprehensive maintenance records, ensuring timely servicing and prolonging the fleet lifespan.

RFID Attendance Tracking

Utilise RFID tags on school buses for automatic attendance tracking. Eliminate manual processes with a simple tap and automatically send SMS notifications to parents for added convenience and peace of mind.  

App Screenshots

Unlocking the Benefits of Trackoon GPS

Route Management

Schools can efficiently establish and oversee pickup and drop-off routes for their school buses.

Auto-trip Generation

Daily trips are automatically generated on the designated routes within a predefined time frame.

Vehicle Tracking

School buses can be tracked and monitored in real time throughout their entire journey

Parent Notifications

Parents receive instant notifications whenever their child is picked up or dropped off.

Student Attendance

Using a smart card, student attendance is promptly recorded as they enter the bus

Parent Communication

The Parent app facilitates effective communication among parents, teachers, schools, and transport providers.

SOS Alerts

Drivers can send immediate SOS alerts with their location in case of a mishap or breakdown.

Dedicated Driver Application

A user-friendly application for drivers to manage and execute their assigned trips. 

Why To Choose Us?

Tailor-Made, Seamless, and User-Friendly vehicle Management Solutions for Effortless Integration and Implementation.

Complimentary Server Installation

Upon the completion of your purchase, we offer a hassle-free installation of our TimeTick software on your server at no additional cost. Our swift process ensures your script goes live in no time.

Free App Submission Assistance

For apps purchased from us, we extend our support by handling the submission process. Whether it's iOS Apps on the App Store or Android apps on the Play Store, count on us to guide you through the submission journey.

Free Bug Assistance

Our commitment to delivering top-notch, bug-free products is unwavering. Should any critical bugs arise, we're delighted to provide immediate, cost-free support during the specified support period.

Timely and Comprehensive Support

We stand ready to assist you through various communication channels. Our punctual support covers both technical and non-technical aspects, ensuring your seamless experience with our team.

Complete Access to Source Code

Choose your package and gain full access to the source code. This empowers you to modify and customize the code to align with your vision, attracting the most relevant customers.

Native iOS & Android Apps

Our experts have meticulously crafted app features using native languages for iOS and Android, ensuring compatibility across diverse technologies.

Post-Submission Support

Our commitment extends beyond the purchase completion. Should your app face rejection post-submission, we're dedicated to providing support and enhancing the app for successful acceptance.

Free Technical Support

Our proficient team is at your service, assisting with the registration of accounts on third-party sites such as SMS Gateways, Payment Gateways, Servers, and more.

Complimentary White Labeling

Promote your brand consistently by removing our name and logo from the admin panel. Replace them with your branding, establishing a strong and distinctive presence for your company.

What Do We Deliver In Our Time & Attendance Tracking Software Package?

Experience exceptional admin & user panels for streamlining your attendance management workflow with ease!  

Admin Panel

Unlock effortless staff attendance management software with our All-in-one toolkit in a simple manner 

Driver Panel

By deploying, Driver can streamline the school bus vehicle management system and maximize the efficiency of their entire operation. 

Frequently asked questions

We have some FAQ to
inform you more

TrackoonGPS is a comprehensive school transportation management system designed to enhance the efficiency, safety, and compliance of school bus fleets. It offers features like real-time bus tracking, automated attendance, and dynamic fee management.
TrackoonGPS uses a government-approved GPS device to provide real-time tracking of school buses. Parents and schools can monitor the live location and status of the buses through the TrackoonGPS app and receive SMS updates during pickup and drop-off times.
The system sends instant alerts for boarding and deboarding activities, route changes, and other critical updates. It also provides access to historical trip data, including bus locations, speeds, routes, and distances travelled.
TrackoonGPS integrates CCTV cameras with its app and portal, allowing continuous monitoring of all school buses. The dedicated support team ensures hassle-free setup and full visibility of fleet activities.
TrackoonGPS uses advanced algorithms to dynamically adjust transportation fees based on each student's route and pick-up/drop-off locations. Schools can customize fee structures to meet various financial needs, simplifying administrative tasks.
Yes, the system helps manage vehicle maintenance by tracking service schedules and the expiration dates of crucial documents like PUCs, driver’s licenses, and vehicle registrations. It also allows setting reminders for renewals to ensure timely servicing.
TrackoonGPS leverages RFID technology to automate student attendance tracking. When students board or leave the bus, their attendance is recorded automatically, and SMS notifications are sent to parents for added convenience.
Yes, TrackoonGPS includes a dedicated driver application that is simple to use. This app helps drivers manage and execute their assigned trips efficiently.
TrackoonGPS provides hands-on support for the installation and setup of GPS devices and CCTV cameras, ensuring a smooth transition and effective implementation of the system.
Schools can implement and go live with TrackoonGPS within days, thanks to its user-friendly design and efficient onboarding process. This ensures minimal disruption and quick benefits from the system's features.

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