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Management System

Lagoon’s Vehicle Management System aids in assigning the nearest vehicle to the customer at the earliest. The vehicle management software is regularly updated to embrace the latest technological advancements in the transportation industry. Our vehicle management software streamlines the user experience of both the riders and the personnel engaged in dispatching, driving, and managing the fleet. The entire vehicle management system is optimized to cut costs, reduce driving time and enhance customer experience.



Full Database
Accuracy in Time Estimations
Zone Control
Ride History
Automatic Guidance
Live Audit Trail
Driver Management & Rate settings
Lost and Found Information

System Features

Website Reservation
Lagoon Technologies offers you a fully-fledged vehicle management software reservation portal for current and future bookings. The website will be designed and developed in tandem with the latest trends and optimized for search engines (upon client request) to stay competitive in the industry.
Mobile Application
Lagoon Technologies, the leading mobile application development company in Dubai, offers the best-in-class vehicle management software mobile app for riders as well as drivers, which can revolutionize the entire Vehicle management system
Vehicle Dispatch System
The Vehicle Dispatch System from Lagoon Technologies helps you to track vehicles and mobile personnel easily. The system features options for Reservation, Real-time Monitoring & Tracking, Cashless Payment Modes, Invoicing, Billing, Trip History and more



1. What is Vehicle Dispatch System?

The vehicle management system is one of the key devices that dispatchers and fleet managers rely on to ensure that they drive efficient routes and offer the most excellent customer service.

2. What are the features of the Vehicle Dispatch System?

The vehicle dispatch system has come with Automated Scheduling, having a mobile app allows your dispatchers and drivers on-the-go access to information and helps you manage end-to-end tracking by monitoring the location and status of your drivers with GPS tracking and mapping features.

3. How Vehicle Dispatch System helps you?

Vehicle management software helps you to track vehicles and mobile personnel easily with reservation, trip history, invoices, billing, and cashless payment modes.

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