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The new Vehicle Tracking System by Lagoon Technologies operates over a GSM network. The system encompasses hardware devices with GPS/GSM connectivity to determine the vehicle’s present location coordinates and transfer them over the GSM network. The GPS tracker we provide is a compact one, designed exclusively for vehicle tracking and monitoring the vehicle location, speed, current and past trips, mileage, fuel level and so on. The Vehicle Tracking System is a must have in every fleet management business as an aid against theft.


Connect any GPS tracker and track it online
Internal Geofence
Zone Control
Jamming resistant
Mobile tracking apps for Android, iOS and cross-platform
The software works globally
Guaranteed tech support

Web Portal

The Web Portal is designed to include a dashboard which gives an overview of the fleet — number of vehicles moving, idle (ignition ON but vehicle not moving), stopped, inactive, out of service and not polling (vehicles not under GPS/GSM coverage). You can also get a graphical representation of vehicles in motion, idle or stopped from the portal. The alerts in an area, if any, where any of the tracked vehicles is located can be known from the portal, which helps to take necessary precautions depending on the situation.

Mobile Application

The Mobile Application for Vehicle Tracking System has tools for day to day operations and management of the fleet. Real-time view of the devices is enabled in the web portal. The mapping system uses Google Maps for images that can be viewed in Satellite View, Map View, Hybrid View and Google Earth. Information such as Speed, Bearing, Position, etc. can be viewed at a glance from the mobile application. In other words, the mobile app is a handy replica of the Web Portal for Vehicle Tracking.

Vehicle Tracking System

The Vehicle Tracking System by Lagoon Technologies encompasses devices such as SIM Cards and Tracking Devices. The tracking system uses the most sophisticated devices with salient tracking features such as geofencing, driving behaviour, alerts, fuel monitoring and so on. Users can customize the entire tracking system by including sensors and other accessories required for a better monitoring. You can use the system commercially as well as privately. Our clients’ tracking accounts can be hosted on our servers, which ensures 99.99% uptime guarantee.


1. What is Vehicle Tracking System?

Vehicle Tracking System provides you a real-time location of your vehicles and drivers with GPS features.

2. What are the features of the Vehicle Tracking System?

Its mapping features allow you to zoom the street levels and a bird’s eye view enables you to accurately locate the vehicle.

3. How does Vehicle Tracking System help you with GPS?

The GPS tracker we provide you is a compact one, designed exclusively for vehicle tracking and monitoring the vehicle location, speed, current and past trips, mileage, fuel level, and so on.

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