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April 7, 2022by lagoon0

With HR software you can easily manage and track your employees. Not only you can track what they are working on but also use them for managing onboarding, payroll, absence management, and many more.

Its role is to essentially make life much easier for those in charge of HR within a company.

It also makes life easier for employees as it’s common for these systems to have the option for self-service so employees can get stuff done at their convenience.

If you’re looking for the best hr management software, head over to Lagoon. Here are a few of the top features of the Atoll HRMS:

Applicant Tracking
A smart applicant tracking system to enable the electronic handling of your recruitment and hiring needs.

Time & Attendance Management
Track and monitor when employees start and stop work, at ease.

Employee Database
Systematic employee database to help you understand your employees and make data-based decisions in a better way.

Employee Lifecycle Management
Helps you to manage the employee’s journey with the company and make it worthwhile.

Allows you to efficiently engage employees, and create a team that is committed to the company’s success and helps retain new hires by making them feel like a member of the team

Payroll Management
This feature allows you to make sure no mistakes are made in the calculation process.

Training Management
Provides you with all that you need to increase the productivity of all your employees by motivating and educating managers.

Discover about our Atoll HRMS that relax your business. Let’s get started with Lagoon Technologies’ human resource management systems. Choosing our best hr management software will benefit your organization.

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