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The story of Facebook is equally famous as its master brain, Mark Zuckerberg. Since the year 2004, Facebook has changed its look, feel and technology. Coming to our topic of discussion, we could say Facebook is an effective marketing tool in this digital era. The beginning of 2019 marked a 2.38 billion monthly active users of Facebook worldwide. Other social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram hold equal significance in digital marketing.

Facebook is known for its cost-effectiveness in growing and marketing a business and for the greater reach, it offers. Though numerous other social media platforms are coming into the limelight nowadays, Facebook has not lost its grip in the industry till now. The reason behind it being the vast user base. Facebook marketing allows you to promote your products and business through unlimited means and the wide audience turns out to be the target audience, of which a majority could be your potential customers.

Why You Should opt for Facebook Marketing in 2019?

Data from statcounter (Global Stats) shows that 79.01% of the total social media users in the UAE use Facebook (as of April 2019). YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr have 7.69%, 5.75%, 5.08%, 1.65% and 0.3% of social media users respectively. Only these figures are enough to understand the worth of Facebook marketing over other social media marketing tools.

However, there should be a clear-cut strategy for Facebook advertisement and channelizing the resources in an effective way. A few points to keep in mind before beginning a Facebook campaign are listed below.

Why Facebook Business Page?

As you know, create a Facebook page first. Just not to miss out the point—Facebook account is for personal use and Facebook page is for business. Try not to mix them up together!

The Facebook account can’t be used for business owing to the main reason that you can add only up to 5,000 friends in one account. If a new person hears about your business and if he wants to have a look at it without establishing a connection, it becomes quite difficult if you have set privacy limitations. Whereas, a Facebook page does not have any such limitations. Anyone from anywhere in the world can like your page, follow your business and through them, you can reach to an even bigger circle of audience.

What are the steps to create a Facebook business page?

Create a Facebook business page and select a business classification based on your brand. Then add your company’s information such as Our Story, contact information, website, and other relevant data. The next step is to upload photos on the page. It is always a best practice to add the brand logo as Facebook page profile picture. Whereas the cover photo of the brand should be one representing the strength of the organization like any recent accomplishment or photo of employees.

The Our Story section must clearly depict what business are you in to. In the next step, you must add a short description of the company in one or two sentences. The last, but not the least, step is to keep continuously posting on Facebook page to attain the audience attention and engage them. Great content and images play a pivotal role in audience engagement.

Why and how one should use a Facebook page?

We have discussed above the wide audience Facebook has. In order to grab the attention of the audience, the Facebook marketing must be planned well to get the maximum possible output. The marketer must understand his/her target audience first. Facebook users are of different ages, gender and from different locations. To optimize the use of the resource in hand, proper strategies to target the right audience should be carried out.

What are the types of Facebook content?   

“Content is King”, as you have heard many times. When you are ready to start promotions, you need to create stunning content, which should have the potential to attract more and more customers to the page. The content should be written in such a way that at a time it should be informative and engaging. Along with this, you need to understand how to use the status, images, and video as a means of effective Facebook marketing.

What is Facebook Status?

Let’s begin with the status. The status allows you to write a short description, funny or serious, the way you want, or update a piece of information about your brand. In addition, you can create content with images and gifs. Images are more eye-catchy and easier to understand when compared to text. High-quality photos, which can reflect your business identity add more beauty to your posts. However, videos are far more engaging than images. You can post video depicting your brand and products to your Facebook page to gain more engaging customers.

Deciding upon the content, you can now go on to plan the calendar in the most effective way. For that, you need to plan what to post and when to post to get the most desired outcome. Scheduling posts help you reduce the efforts and thereby increase the engage ratio of the page. Facebook marketing is successful when the right content is circulated at the right time.

How to use Facebook Ads?

Facebook marketing takes a leap with Facebook Ads. Once you understand your target audience, you can utilize the benefits of Facebook Ads. It helps you reach out to your potential customers by properly targeting the audience by selecting the right age group, location, gender, etc. You can decide your budget depending upon the business requirement. The Ads finally appear on your target audience’s pages.

Once the budget is finalized, you can start Ad campaigns. One of the main important features of Facebook is that it provides the analytics data of how the Facebook Ad performs over time. From this data, you get all the basic information required to focus more on the target audience.

What is a Facebook Poll?

Apart from the analytics data, you can use Facebook polls to understand the opinion of the audience. You can use it very effectively for any specific brand or event. Facebook polls are engaging and easier to create. Facebook groups are effective ways to connect to the people with the same preference. These are a more personalized way to reach out. Facebook groups may be private, public or specific for a certain type of audience only. However, finding the right group and circulating your brand through them helps you create a great brand image in the social media.

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